Born and raised on Long Island, I have been a New York Jets fan since I was about 5 years old, in the late 70’s. I still remember watching games with my dad and learning about this amazing game that has made Sundays as spiritual as they are for me, along with a whole new and interesting take on the English language … one that I will not share with you at this time for the sake of any younger readers.

Although I agonized along with Pops on countless Sundays, and sometimes Saturdays, or even Monday nights, I always found a bit of humor in his anguish, when I was a kid. I think it was just his unique way of stringing multiple obscenities together into one remarkable rant of pure rage. Simply put, bad words coming from an adult are extremely funny when you are too young to use them.

When I was old enough to realize just how incredibly painful it can be to watch your team come up short season after season, draft after draft, regime after regime, the humor seemed to lose its luster. There have been a few times when the Jets have gotten so close to that all-elusive Super Bowl (I was yet to be born in 1969), but never was all well when the clock struck zero.

As the years have gone on, I have screamed many of my own unspeakable phrases at the television screen, and at the players and coaches on it, on way too many Sundays, for way too many years.

I’ve always followed the Jets and the NFL closely, all throughout the calendar year, and even had the pleasure to share season tickets with some friends for about 5 years (between ’97-’02). I was also able to go to a bunch of other games over the years, including the 41-0 playoff pummeling of the Colts in 2003 and a great overtime road victory at Detroit in 2010. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend numerous practices over the years, when the team was still at Hofstra.

At the current time, I love watching the games at home, or at a bar with friends, and I have missed only a handful of games in my life, most due to emergency.

It has certainly been quite an arduous task to remain faithful to the Jets throughout all of the extremely heartbreaking disappointments over the years. But still, I remain aboard the Gang Green Express, enjoying the few and far between triumphant moments. Call me a masochist. Call me a fool. Call me whatever you wish, but you can always call me a Jets fan.

Utilizing this forum, I am here to draw upon my extensive experience as a die-hard fan, and as a writer, to share with you my thoughts on the New York Jets. I am not a beat writer or reporter. I am just a writer and lifelong enthusiast of the game of football. I loved playing it. I love watching it. I love researching it. And I love writing about it. I hope that can all be sensed when you read my work.

Through the NY Jets Green Blog, I aim to create article-quality, engaging pieces, which are either about or relating to the New York Jets. Stories will range from addressing current events involving the team, to nostalgia pieces about the Jets stars of yesteryear, to just stories about the experience of being a fan over the years, and a lot of other Jets related stuff in between.

You can follow me on twitter at NY Jets Green Blog Twitter for alerts regarding new content as well as random tweets about the Jets and the NFL in general, and maybe something else from time to time.

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