F&*k You Jets!!!


I have kept quiet for far too long about this team of buffoons we refer to as the New York Jets.  Due to an incredibly draining job, I have not had the time or energy to do much writing these days. Even when I have been blessed with the time, this 2016 Jets team has been so aggravating, making it almost impossible to remain objective and professional, that I have just decided to take the high road and abstain.

Well, after watching this team self-destruct once again, against the hated Miami Dolphins, I have changed my mind and decided I must break my silence. If I do not let it out, I may very well explode. I have been biting my tongue so long that all I can taste is the green blood I have been bleeding for close to four decades. You would think I would be anemic by now, just like the stupid team that I root for.

It would be a logical question to ask why I would even care when the Jets were 4-9 going into the game, playing for nothing more than escaping further embarrassment. Well, unfortunately I do, as do many others, and it still stings every time the team comes out and lays an egg.


When the Jets defense turned Matt Moore into the second coming of Dan Marino last night and their offensive line let the Dolphins pass rush enter their backfield as if they had paid admission, it was just another knife twisted into the back of the Jets Nation faithful.


We pretty much knew that their chances for the postseason ended when the team started out 1-5, but that did not stop us from cheering these clowns on for the rest of this circus that has taken the place of the 2016 season. Another year of Jets’ football, another failed experiment.

You would think that after almost forty years of this crap, one would be desensitized to the disappointment that is an annual rite of the Jets fan. But, no, I keep coming back for more in what can only be described as a chronic case of Stockholm Syndrome.

None of us want this suffering to be sustained and we try to remain hopeful that we will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Each offseason we allow ourselves to be sucked back into the vortex, hanging on for the roller coaster ride that has far more dips than climbs.

Furthermore, as much as we may think we do, none of us know the solution that will turn this team around, allowing them to become a consistent contender. Fire the Head Coach. Fire the Offensive Coordinator. Fire the Defensive Coordinator. Get a new Quarterback. The list goes on and the song remains the same. The cycle of chaos continues.


One thing I can say with almost absolute certainty is that Woody Johnson needs to completely disappear from football operations and drift silently into obscurity. If he ever wants this team to succeed, he should make himself a ghost. I would say that he should just sell the team, but we all know that this is not a likely scenario.

Mr. Johnson has no business getting involved in football decisions, which has been made even more obvious by the foolish framework he has set up for this floundering franchise. How does a trust fund kid with zero football knowledge have a Head Coach report to him directly, with no oversight by the General Manager, and expect the organization to function properly?


Since I do not foresee Woody giving up the reigns and riding off into the sunset, we are left with the question of what to do about the management of this sinking ship. Is Todd Bowles the man that can lead this team back to contention?

Trying my best to remain optimistic about the leadership of Bowles, I do understand that this is only his second season as a Head Coach in the NFL. With that limited experience comes a certain level of confusion and a learning curve. Even Bill Belichick was 36-44 in his first five seasons as HC. I am aware that Rome was not built in a day.

That said, Bowles has displayed some rather alarming traits in his time at the helm. The players have started far too many games slowly and most of their halftime adjustments have been inadequate at best.


Even though the team has shown that they have not given up, the consistency of effort does not seem to be anywhere close to where it should. What is even more distressing is the lack of discipline the players have shown with their missed assignments, stupid penalties and mindless mistakes.


Poor clock management has been another glaring issue that has plagued this team, which is something we were hoping would be fixed when Rex Ryan and his gang of coaching misfits left town. On top of that, you have Bowles’ insistence on sticking with a flopping Fitzpatrick for far too long, which is eerily similar to Rex Ryan’s love affair with the maddening Mark Sanchez.


Are these your average growing pains or is this just who Todd Bowles is? Is it time to cut bait and start over? I know that I would not lose any sleep if the Jets do decide to make a change, but I am far from qualified to make that decision. And, if they do move on to yet another coaching staff, do they bring in another neophyte to lead the way?

I wish I had the answers, but if I did I would be making a hell of a lot more money than I currently do. Let’s hope that someone in the Jets’ organization does, because I am not sure how much more incompetence and futility I can deal with as a fan.


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